Congress Topics


Sustainable Agriculture and Food



·         Natural Resource Use and Agriculture

Ĝ  Water Resource Management in Agriculture

Ĝ  Land Resource Management in Agriculture

·         Soil-Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Productivity

·         New Approaches to Input Production and Management in Agriculture

·         Smart Precision Agriculture and Sustainability in Agriculture

Ĝ  Scenarios transitioning from Agriculture 4.0 to Agriculture 5.0

Ĝ  Data Engineering and Smart Agriculture

Ĝ  Smart Irrigation Systems

Ĝ  Remote Sensing and Artifical Intelligence for Agriculture

·         Molecular Approaches in Agriculture

·         Agriculture-Food and Health

·         Climate Change Scenarios and Modeling in Agriculture

·         Futuristic Agricultural Production

Ĝ  Plant Production

Ĝ  Indoor Farming

Ĝ  Protected Cultivation

·         Circular Economy (Carbon, Water, Food, etc. )

·         New Strategies in Plant Protection

·         New Insights into Breeding

·         Aquaculture

·         Animal Production

Ĝ  Sustainability of Animal Agriculture and Livestock Systems

Ĝ  Modelling of Livestock Systems to Enhance Efficiency

Ĝ  Climate Change Adaptation for Livestock Production

Ĝ  Opportunities for Precision Livestock Management in The Face Of Climate Change

·         Agricultural Economics

Ĝ  Agricultural Policy and Extension

Ĝ  Farm Management

Ĝ  International Agricultural Trade

Ĝ  Agricultural Finance and Marketing

8th International Agriculture Congress


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